Staff Training

DC Campaign offers a variety of specialized training for program staff including:

  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention 101
  • How to Talk to Teens
  • Twenty-First Century Birth Control Methods
  • Minors’ Rights to Health Care
  • Title IX Protections for Pregnant and Parenting Teens
  • Child Sex Abuse Prevention
  • One Size Doesn’t Fit All: How to Work with Teen Boys


Parent Workshops

Talk is a 4-Letter Word

Talk is a 4-Letter Word encourages parents to be clear about their own values; examines the pressures young people face; and, explores the role pop culture plays in shaping sexual attitudes and behavior.

Each workshop builds upon the previous one. Sessions are lively and interactive, using self-assessments, role play, homework and lecture-discussion.

Host sites are asked to recruit 12 to 15 adults, provide comfortable classroom or meeting space and dinner for participants.

DC Campaign provides all materials, facilitators, prizes and the expertise gained from training over 2500 adults since 1999.

Talk is a 4-Letter Word is also appropriate for volunteers in schools, churches and community organizations working to help young people avoid pregnancy and disease


When DC Campaign was founded in 1999, we quickly learned there were lots of people working on the same issues—sometimes even in the same neighborhoods—who had never met. Youth serving professionals were hungry for opportunities to connect, to learn more about issues and to mull over solutions to pressing problems in the District of Columbia. DC Campaign created a unique format in response.

During our conferences, local and national experts raise questions and share research with youth serving professionals. Teen panelists are another special feature of DC Campaign conferences as is speed networking, a fun and easy way for folks to develop new partnerships and collaborations.

Our panelists never pretend to know all the answers because DC Campaign believes that sometimes, it is equally important simply to ask the right questions.

Here’s a partial list of our previous conferences:

  • The Adolescent Brain: What Are They Thinking?
  • No Where to Lay My Head: Teen Pregnancy and Homelessness
  • Adolescents and Mental Health: A Balancing Act
  • The ABCs of LARCs
  • School-Based Health Centers: Graduating to Good Health
  • Caught in the System
  • Helping Teen Fathers Succeed
  • Strength-Based Approaches to Parenting
  • Healing the Hurt: Grief, Loss and Teen Pregnancy
  • Keeping Pregnant and Parenting Teens in School
  • Boys to Men


Technical Assistance

Whether you’re preparing testimony for a city council hearing or need tips on how to find and use data, DC Campaign is your go-to source for trustworthy, accurate technical assistance.

We’re here to help with program planning, development, examples of primary and secondary prevention models, ideas for Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, advice on best practices in youth work, introductions, media training and more.

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