Conversation Changers Awards: Latin American Youth Center; Fern Johnson-Clarke, Ph. D., DC State Center for Health Statistics; Redemption Ministry Parent Peer Educators; Hal Donofrio, Campaign for Our Children; Barbara Strother, Teen Parent Assessment Program

DC Campaign produced the Change the Conversation video and study guide as a reference for organization who wanted to help prevent teen pregnancy

“If you don’t think teen pregnancy is a good idea, why is D.C.’s rate so High?” DC Campaign’s Public Service Announcement placed on 500 Metro buses and in 10 Metro stations

DC Campaign published Common Sense, a publication that grew out of 22 focus groups and five mini-groups with preteens, teens and parents and 12-indepth interviews with community leaders and teen pregnancy experts

DC Campaign forms Best Practices Coalition with the goal of developing a city-wide strategy that gives young people the skills and motivation they need to prevent problems such as pregnancy, drugs, and violence and to achieve school success, healthy life styles and economic opportunities

DC Campaign established Secondary Prevention Coalition in partnership with Children’s National Medical Center’s Generations Program. Advocates, youth-serving organizations, and legal experts working with pregnant and parenting teens throughout the District come together to address the prevention of future pregnancies among teen parents.

Conversation, DC Campaign’s newsletter was published

Spreading the Word, DC Campaign’s free on-line newsletter was published