DC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy Incorporated

DC Campaign develops Five Fields of Action: Mobilizing teens; Drawing Attention to Teen Pregnancy Prevention; Supporting Local Programs; Engaging Neighborhoods and Keeping Track of the Facts

Founding Board of Directors: Dr. Joyce Ladner, Chair; Victoria P. Sant, Vice Chair; Virginia Fleming, President

Vincent C. Gray, Treasurer; The Honorable Sandra Allen; Carol Thompson Cole; Amanda Deaver; Katharine Graham (1917-2001); Dr. Dorothy I. Height (1912-2010); Mary Jo Lazear; Rev. Leon G. Lipscomb, Sr.; C. Payne Lucas; John Herbert Niles, Jr., MD; Charles Ruff, Esq. (1939-2000); Marian Urquilla; James Wagoner; and Brenda Rhodes Miller, Secretary


Ten by Tens meetings were held to recruit people interested in helping to prevent teen pregnancy

DC Campaign launched the Parent Peer Education initiative to train parents who in turn would train other parents on How to Talk with Their Children about Love, Sex and Relationships