Reproductive Rights Under Attack!

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Reproductive Rights Under Attack!

Legendary Roe v. Wade Attorney, Sarah Weddington, will be the keynote speaker during DC Campaign’s 20th Anniversary Change the Conversation Luncheon on Thursday, May 2, 2019, noon at the National Press Club. 

States across the country have passed laws restricting women’s basic health care rights. Teens all over America struggle to find reproductive health care that they can both afford and obtain without jumping through hoops. Even teens who are highly motivated to prevent a pregnancy can have a hard time finding contraceptive care that is affordable, respectful and welcoming.

Unlike many of its near neighbors, the District of Columbia has progressive laws that allow minors to self-consent for screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, birth control and abortion. Over 90 % of residents have insurance. There are only two ways to prevent pregnancy: either don’t have sex or if you do, use effective contraception every single time. D.C. teens have chosen those ways in record numbers because today, the city’s teen pregnancy rate is at the all-time low of  28.2.  But attacks on reproductive rights could change all that.   

 Attorney Sarah Weddington was 26 years old when she appeared before the Supreme Court. She was a freshly minted lawyer without significant legal experience. At the time, few women attorneys were practicing at all, much less practicing before the nation’s highest court. Weddington’s age made her the youngest Supreme Court advocate in history. The fact that she argued — and won — the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade case is just the climax of an already extraordinary story.

 In her honor, DC Campaign is offering a special rate for guests 35 years old and younger to hear Sarah Weddington speak during our 20th Anniversary Change the Conversation Luncheon on Thursday, May 2, 2019 at the historic National Press Club.  Purchase your seat here.

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