Our Story

DC Campaign was founded by a distinguished group of Washingtonians who were deeply committed to cutting the teen pregnancy rate in half in order to improve the social and economic health of the city. At the time, the city had one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation. Public opinion research revealed a stunning consensus among residents of all ages about what it takes to reduce teen pregnancy:

  • Parents talking with their children about sexual issues
  • Investing in positive activities after school
  • Community-based sexuality education
  • Advocacy with and on behalf of adolescents
  • Making contraception more widely available


There are only two ways to prevent teen pregnancy. Either don’t have sex, or if you do, use effective contraception consistently.

Our Board

Constance Bohon, MD
Donna Cooper
Esther Forrester, MD
Wendy Lynn Gray
James S. Kane, Treasurer
Kim Keenan
Kitty Kelley
James J. Sandman, Chair
Judith A. Walter, Vice Chair
Cheryl Weiner
Brenda Rhodes Miller, Executive Director